Monday, June 9, 2008

For Frustration, Dial '1'

I was having huge problems with my DSL last year. Yet everytime I tried to call Verizon, they sent me through what surely must be Dante's 10th level of hell: "For customer service, press 1; for sales, press 2" in a never-ending circle of obstacles designed to ensure you don't actually speak to a live person. After several days and one particularly grueling 45 minute button session, I finally blew and pressed "3" to cancel my service. Voila! A person! Who actually immediately put me in touch with another person who was able to solve my problem. Amazing how threatening to cancel can work miracles

There's gotta be a better way. And, according to the Feb. 25th Newsweek (I'm a bit behind in my reading...), there is.

The website provides the secret code for a plethora of companies that will actually hook you up with a live person far more quickly. An A-Z listing allows you to search for your company by name, then tells you what magic combination of button pushing will bring an honest-to-gosh human being onto the line.

You may never have to listen to "hold" muzak again!

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