Thursday, June 26, 2008

Your Tax Dollars at Work (at last, something to show for it...)

I attended a workshop today on searching government sites. (Only a librarian...) The workshop was o.k; but check out these great sites I ran across while being sidetracked.

ToxTown: Explore these virtual eco-horror sites courtesy the National Library of Medicine. Choose among City, Town, Port and other neighborhoods, then explore the chemical and health concerns inherent in each.
EPA Student Center: I wish I'd known about this site when the 8th graders were researching for the Science Fair. More than the usual environmental info, the site's "In Your Neighborhood" link allows students to research the environmental stats where they live.

National Archives Di
gital Vault: New to the archives, this site offers a new Flash interface, where you can choose a collection or shuffle to be surprised. A "Collect" button allows you to drag items to create your own collection, then use your items to create a "Pathways" challenge with clues to solve, a poster or a Ken Burns-style movie, all right on the site.

Next blog will come from NECC! I can't wait!

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